About Parklawn!

Our community of tree-lined streets and charming cul-de-sacs began as a large dairy farm owned by the Clark family. During the housing boom after World War II, the land was purchased from the Clarks. The Clark Family's original Victorian home (Clark House) was declared a historic home by the Historic Home Society and converted by into a reception hall by the Fairfax County Government. In the mid 1950s, the dairy fields were cleared and building began on the brick ramblers that are the norm within our neighborhood.

Our community is bordered by Lincolnia Road, Braddock Road, Columbia Pike and Holmes Run Park. Verde HomeMany of the streets throughout our neighborhood are named after national parks. The members of our community are diverse in culture as well as in age. Many of the original home owners still live in Parklawn, and some have passed their homes on to their children. New families have joined our community seeking the convenience and tranquility that prevails within our small haven inside the Capital Beltway.

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Last Update: December 23, 2012

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