Government Services

Mason District Citizen Handbook for 2012

Our Government Representatives:

     U. S. House of Representatives - Donald Beyer

     U.S. Senators -  Tim Kaine

                               Mark R. Warner

     Virginia House of Delegate - Kaye Kory

     Virginia State Senator - Dick Saslaw

     Chairman, Board of Supervisors - Sharon Bulova

     District Supervisor - Penelope A. Gross

     Mason District School Board Representative - Sandy Evans

Our Voting Precinct is 

Our Polling Place is 
4116 Braddock Road
Alexandria, VA  22312    

Pandemic Flu Websites:

     U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

     Center for Disease Control and Prevention

     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

     Fairfax County


County Links:

     Recycling and Trash Pick Up -

     Court Information - 
703-691-7320, TTY 703-934-1296

     Department of Community and Recreation Services  - 
Provides information about the many programs and services offered by Fairfax County. 
The programs are for everyone—families, children, teens, adults, senior adults, and 
people with disabilities.

     Fairfax County Webpage -

     General County information - 703-324-3185, TTY 711

     Mason District Home Page -

     ParkTakes Online -
Provides information about events, programs and activities at our local parks.

     Police (non-emergency) and Animal Control - 703-691-2131

     Public School General Information - 
703-246-2502, TTY 703-934-1299

     Public School Enrollment - 703-329-9831, TTY 711
703-876-5219, TTY 711, for enrollment of students whose home 
language is other than English or when the documents needed 
for school registration were issued in a foreign country

     Tax Information - 
703-222-8234, TTY 703-222-7594

     Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled - 703-222-8234, TTY 703-222-7594

     Vehicle Registration -
703-222-8234, TTY 703-222-7594

     Voter Registration -
703-222-0776, TTY 711


Last Update: January 15, 2015

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