Resident Comments

"I've lived in this neighborhood for all my life and I believe it's ideal.  Parklawn is centrally located, congenial, the houses are very well built, yards are large, the sidewalks perfect for children and walkers, it's near shopping, schools, local pool and parks.  I'd recommend it for anyone."  

Life-long resident, Jewel Street 

"Boy have I got a reason to move here.  I down-sized to Parklawn from a snob hill area in Alexandria.  An area where you only knew your neighbor if they had kids the same age as your kids.  I lived there for 30 years and did not know the name of my next door neighbor nor did they talk with me.  I moved to Parklawn--the best kept secret in the area--and on my first day here, a neighbor posted a handwritten note on the door with phone numbers for pizza delivery, grass mowing, etc.  I sit on my front patio and everybody talks.  Everybody is friendly and helpful." 

Resident 7 years, Yellowstone

"We love our home in Parklawn. We are in a traditional 2 level rambler, and can’t say enough about it. Although we moved in prior to having kids, the house is just perfect for it. We can hang out in the lower level while they are asleep upstairs. It is a great set up for house guests as well. The yards are very large for this area and that is one of the things we were looking for. We didn’t want a postage stamp yard. We wanted to be close in – not out in suburbia stuck in a car all the time. We can be in D.C., Arlington, or Old Town in 10 minutes."

Resident, 8 years - Jewel Street 

"My husband and I purchased in Parklawn in July of 2007. We targeted this community for several reasons. The lots are some of the largest inside the beltway and for our two large dogs this is exactly what we were looking for. Also, there are sidewalks on both sides of the street, several schools within walking distance, and parks within and around the neighborhood. We continue to be pleased with the decision we made as we get to know the Bailey's & Franconia areas better."

Resident on Arcadia Road

“Parklawn is one of the few communities inside the beltway that offers its residents a cohesive neighborhood of compact energy efficient one and two level single family ramblers, woven together by a fabric of pedestrian sidewalks, tree lined streets, greenways, and parks. My single level home boasts radiant heated floors and once you wake up to those warm floors in the winter you will never want to give those up. The community’s proximity to an abundance of conveniences, shopping, and the re-vitalized Baileys Crossroads makes our neighborhood one of the county’s best kept secrets.  That is why I have lived in Parklawn since 1995 and love it. My commute to work in DC is no more than twenty-five minutes each way, giving me easy access to many of the urban amenities that I require and enjoy, while providing me with the benefits of nature and the charm of small town living.”

Resident 12 years, Braddock Road

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Resident Comments


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